Top Score

Product # W-10

5 lb Bucket




Product # W-10-20

20 lb Bucket




Product # W-10-25

25 KG (55lb) Drum





Micro-encapsulated bacteria, and digestive enzymes to maximize feed consumption, nutrient absorption and body condition. Top Score is to be used as a dietary supplement to stimulate blood circulation and support tissue growth thus maximizing antler, skeletal, and muscle production in Whitetail Deer. Use to aid intestinal health and pH balance. Use to aid in feed conversions.


Feed 10 grams/deer/day. Top dress on the feed to supply each deer with 10 grams (1 heaping Tablespoon per deer) of Top Score per day.


One 20lb. Bucket can feed approximately 5 bucks during the entire antler growing season!

When To Use:

February 1st through August 30th, for body conditioning and antler growth.


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