Jump Start

Product # W-02

227 g (0.5 lb) Foil Pack

32 doses per pack





A first feeding formula for newborn fawns, to help maximize immune response, and maintain optimal health coverage from pathogens. Use when mothers’ first milk is of poor quality or quantity, within the first 72 hours after birth and if fawns are unable to nurse from the doe.


Administer to newborn fawns within the first 72 hours of birth. Feed 2 level teaspoons (approx. 7 grams) of Jump Start per feeding. Dissolve into 2oz of warm water and feed 2-3 times, 4-6 hours apart. Start fawn on a complete milk replacer after feeding last dose. Can be added and fed with a milk replacer.

After mixing with water or milk/milk replacer, can be stored up to 12 hours max. Do not microwave.


Warning: The Jump Start Formula is not a milk replacer. This product is a supplement to the newborn fawn and should not be used as a complete feed.

When To Use:

May through August for newborn fawns or sick fawns


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