Product # W-08

Granular, 14 oz Jar

390 doses per jar



Product # W-08-20

Granular, 5 lb Bucket

2,270 doses per bucket



Product # W-08-20

Granular, 20 lb Bucket

9,080 doses per bucket



An all natural source of live, micro-encapsulated bacteria and digestive enzymes. Use Guardian in the water system or as a feed top dress on a daily basis to replenish beneficial bacteria located throughout the digestive system. The product is designed to maintain a healthy and efficient digestive tract capable of functioning at optimum performance. Guardian helps to maintain a correct intestinal pH balance and aids in the reduction of pathogenic bacteria found in the intestinal tract.


The recommended dose is ¼ level teaspoon per deer, per day. For water application, dissolve ¼ level teaspoon per gallon. For feed application: Top dress on feed at the rate of ¼ level teaspoon per deer/day. Contact a C&E Wildlife dealer or representative for more information regarding dosages on this product.

When To Use:

Year round dissolved in water or top dress to feed. For All deer.


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