Guardian Plus

Product # W-09

Powder, 14 oz Jar

Adult Deer - 395 doses per jar,

Fawns - 790 doses per jar



Product # W-09-05

Powder, 5 lb Bucket

Fawns - 4,450 doses per bucket



An all natural source of live, micro-encapsulated bacteria and dried egg solids. Guardian Plus aids in maintaining healthy feed consumption and nutrient absorption to maximize feed conversions and weight gains. Feed Guardian Plus at first signs of herd health problems or as a supplement to milk & milk replacers. Used an aid to maintain a healthy digestive tract.


Adult Deer: Using the pre-measured scoop (approx ¼ teaspoon) provided in the jar, provide 1 level scoop of Guardian Plus/deer/day at the first sign of illness and continue until deer recovers. Can be used as a top dress to the feed or as a water soluble application. If used in the water, provide 1 level scoop per gallon of water. Bottle Fed Fawns: Mix Guardian Plus directly in the milk or milk replacer. Provide 1/8 teaspoon of Guardian Plus to each fawn per feeding. Continue to administer Guardian Plus in the milk at every feeding until weaned. NOTE: One (1) level teaspoon = 8 doses. When used in milk/milk replacer for fawns, one jar of Guardian Plus contains 482 doses. Contact a C&E Wildlife dealer or representative for more information regarding dosages on this product.

When To Use:

May through September in milk/milk replacers. Year round for sick deer.


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